Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Masterworks Series: La Danseuse Au Bouquet


“Lady would you kindly remove your hat?”
Was a line
From comedy routines
And the admonition of slides in movie theaters
Back in the early days of motion pictures.
We all paid our money, we came to see the show.

But then there are those
Who came to be see 
And be seen.
As I sit in the audience,

The lady’s fan
And dangling earring
Distract my eye from the beauty and grace
Of the dancer on stage.

We all bring our own diversions
To the stage of life,
Creating a visual collage
And a cacophonous din,
Distracting us from the main event.

Is only partially seen
In quiet moments
And in those rare times
When seeing beyond the distractions
We catch a glimpse
      of the grace, 
                    and movement
                            of the dance.

And the dance is a wondrous thing
Even if seen only fleetingly.
Our essence,
And our true connection, is found
In that series of rare moments
When we can look past the commotion
To the center.
Those are the luminous times
When distractions fade briefly from sight
To reveal the dance
Of the universe.

                                                 ~ CK

Image: The Ballet (Danseuse au Bouquet) at the Rhode Island School of Design
Artist: Edgar Degas (French, 1834-1917)
Medium:Pastel and gouache over monotype on paper
Date: 1878

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