Heroes: an incomplete list
Here is a list of heroes that come to mind. Below each name you will find a link to my blog posting related to that hero. There are other heroes to be added to the list.

1. Fred Rogers - Mister Rogers showed us how to talk to children, and he showed us all how to be a good neighbor.
   Finding Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

2. Thomas Merton - Christian mystic, monk and scholar 
3. The Dalai Lama
    Don't Take My Word for It

6. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain): Quintessential American - told it like it was; made us all laugh
    A Place for Saints, Sinners, Doubters, And Jilted Lovers

7. William Shakespeare (The Bard): His words set the standard for a new era
    William Shakespeare, the Bard for All TIme

8. St. Francis of Assisi - the most universally known and loved of all the saints. He has creds that reach way beyond the Catholic Church
10. Clyde Kinnaird
11. Mary Kinnaird
    Here's to a Legend

12. Wendell Berry
    Wendell Berry: Poet, Prophet, and Sage

13. Garrison Keillor - An English major who went on to do well. What's not heroic about that?
Garrison Keillor put Public Radio on the map, took it out of the shadows of small university studios with folding metal chairs. He stood where shy persons often fear to go; he graced us with his observations of our lives. For us shy persons, it was tremendously encouraging, his recognition that some of us introverts have to call upon that extra reserve to move out and interact with others in order to do what needs to be done. 

     An Evening with Garrison Keillor
     Garrison Keillor Was Telling Our Story

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