Sunday, April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday Reflection

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Palm Sunday

On this day
We set ourselves apart
By walking with the crowd.
Joyful hosannas
Can turn on a dime
And someone goes to jail.
The solid backing of the people
Becomes moot when the masses disperse
Like ashes upon the water.

On this day
We set ourselves apart.
We are fine pilgrims
Loyal followers
And guardians of faith.
Marching with palm branches raised,
We echo the crowds of a distant past.
They celebrated the triumph of a new king,
And looked to the dawn of a new era.
But tides turn with Empire
And crowds move with the tide.

On this day
We set ourselves apart.
We remember the joy
We recall the loss.
Causes come and go,
Empires rise and fall.
The crowd remains
Ready to shout hosannas
Ready to disperse
Ready to offer the sacrificial lamb.

                                         ~ CK

Picture: Christ's Entry into Jerusalem
             by Duccio di  Buoninsigna
             (tempera on wood)
             Public Domain

                                                                                                       Holy Thursday >

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