Thursday, January 21, 2010

Supreme Court Ruling on Corporate Political Campaign Funding

Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that there can be no limit to corporate funding of political campaign ads; that to do so would be to deny freedom of speech. The first thing that many opponents to this ruling have pointed out is that this will steam roll the voice of the people and give corporations undue influence in the election of political candidates.

Has anyone noted the fact that corporations today are MULTINATIONAL? What will be the consequence when China has controlling interest in Exxon, or when Germany or India controls other heavy hitters in the corporate world? In past generations we saw great advances in child labor laws and civil rights by way of government legislation. Over the last 20 years, corporations have gained more and more influence to the point that government has lost much of its ability to protect citizens.

With the Supreme Court Ruling today, if we the people cannot find a way around it, not only will politicians be bought by the corporate world, legislation will itself become obsolete. Regulation and control will be in the hands of the corporate elite, rights of the working people will be at the whim of the International Corporation.

This is one day when I am inclined to complete that quote from Dylan "Not dark yet...but it's gettin' there."


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