Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Days

We didn't get snow at my house today, in spite of the earlier predictions. We had some flurries - at times there was lots of white stuff in the air - but nothing on the ground. Here are two reflections on past snow days in Alabama - one humorous and one serious:

Stopping by Publix on a Snowy Evening
(with apologies to Robert Frost)

Whose shelves these are I think I know
He lives in a corporate village though;
He will not mind me stopping here
Among his aisles well-stocked for snow.

My little truck will have to suffice
Parked out on that sheet of ice
Between the store and busy street
In weather that comes but once or twice.

It gave a little sputter out there
As if to show machines can swear.
Other sounds include the sweep
Of people's footsteps as they hoard their share.

The shelves now look empty, wide, and deep,
But I have milk and bread to keep,
And videos to watch before I sleep,
And videos to watch before I sleep.

Southern Snowfall

It was one of those rare days
When all the conditions were right
And a bright soft snow fell
All day long.
Everything was covered in beauty.
Unneeded activity came to a halt.
No hurry.
A wonderful quiet in the city.
All is well.
It will last a day (two at the most)
Then there will be mud and slush
And life as usual.

One Easter at midnight mass
I suddenly saw that everyone was aglow.
A subtle light from within
Revealed wonder in every person,
Joy in every action.
Everything was covered in beauty
And I was completely connected
(Not the usual outsider).
No doubt that all shall be well.
Life returned to normal after a day (two at the most)
Except I carried with me the realization
That what was seen only for an instant
Is always true,
Even while life goes on as usual.


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  1. Hey, Charlie. It's great to find you in the Blogosphere. Thanks for the note on Linked In.

    I liked the nod to Frost. Nicely done.

    I've got a blog at Stop over and check it out. Have to get back to work now, but I'll be back.

    Joe S


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