Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Artsongs: Mme. Charpentier and Her Children (Renoir)

The Well Ordered Home

A vase of flowers and some fruit
With wine and cups to share
Wait in the corner of the room
While restless children sit.

All curled and combed and dressed in blue
The young girls sit amused.
A faithful dog is at their feet,
Their mother sitting near.

Everything in order flows
And gathers in the whole.
A quiet life of comfort seen
To celebrate the home.

With beauty, shelter, food and drink,
Companionship and love;
A life – full circle and complete –
Is held within our view.

The image is more full indeed
Than might at first appear.
For death’s sure exit is proclaimed
By peacock’s graceful pose.
                                                ~ CK

Image: "Madame Charpentier and Her Children" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Artist: Auguste Renoir (French, 1841–1919)
Date: 1878
Medium: Oil on Canvas

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