Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Artsongs: George Washington (Stuart)

The Old General

His top coat speaks of by-gone days,
Of fashion long ago.
Perhaps his eyes could see ahead,
Or was his heart unsure?

His countenance is now at ease
With battles left behind.
Yet will his mind find peace or rest
As new frontiers awake?

He lends a steady gaze to all
Who dare to dream anew.
They take his visage as a sign
That greatness is at hand.

Still, in those eyes there is some doubt,
For who can know the end?
So many trials are yet to come
Before the dream is clear.

                                                 ~ CK

Image: George Washington at the National Gallery of Art
Artist: Gilbert Stuart 1755-1828)
Date: 1795
Medium: Oil on canvas

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