Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Artsongs: Young Woman with a Water Pitcher (Vermeer)

The Welcoming Woman

How soft the glow she welcomes in
When sunlight fills the sky.
A hand upon the casement latch
Guides daybreak in the home.

She brings a pitcher to the room
With water from the well
To fill the family’s drinking cups
As slumber fades away.

The light is cast upon the world
Behind her on the wall
Yet in her mind she only sees
One household in her care.

Eternally the woman stands
Between the well and sun.
She quenches thirst and brings the light;
She makes the world secure.

In mythic constancy she shows
The path to life and love.
By holding joys and sorrows close,
She welcomes all she sees.

What other graces can be found
That woman’s hand brings forth?
Through all of life and all the world
Her presence guides the day. 

                                                         ~ CK

Image: Young Woman with a Water Pitcher at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Artist: Jan Vermeer Johannes Vermeer (Dutch, 1632–1675)
Date: ca. 1662
Medium: Oil on Canvas

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