Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Foghorn Leghorn’s Dream

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Whoa! I’m telling you boy, that was
One helluva dream I had last night!

Now usually, I say, usually,
When I have a dream
It’s about some chick I been-a talkin’ to,
Or maybe I’m easin,’ on down to the creek to cast a line, you know.
But last night I had a dream
That knocked my socks off –
Well if I wore socks, you know.

I dreamed, of all things,
That I was back in my Mamma’s brood, for goodness sake!
And she was tellin’ me and my brothers and sisters
All the things we got to watch out for –
First off,
There was foxes and ki-yotes and the like,
Hawks that will swoop down on you
And all kind of dangers out there.

But then she starts to warn us
About expectin’ everything from Farmer Jones.
“Don’t get too used to the hen house
‘Cause if you're not careful, you’ll get snatched right out.”
“And don’t think you’ll have fresh feed everyday
‘Cause you’ll start to notice,
As ya’ll get older,
That as the days go along
There will be a brother missin’ here
Or a sister snatched up there.”

“Keep close,” she said,
“ ‘Cause you never know how long you’ve got in this place.”

Well, I’m tellin’ ya, boy
I woke up in a cold sweat!
Well, I mean, if a rooster was to sweat,
I'd-a had beads across my forehead!
Here I am
Always expectin’ to have the upper hand in life
So to speak
But now that I think of it,
All along I’ve had people disappearin’ from me.
Where are my brothers and sisters?
What ever happened to my Mamma?
Everybody that has ever meant anything to me
All gone, nowhere to be seen,
And I don’t even know when it all happened.
And WHY,
I say WHY
Am I just now feelin’ all of this?

I know, boy,
I’m always tellin’ you
To pay attention when I’m talkin’ to ya.
But it looks like now I’m the one
That’s gotta pay attention.

Now I don’t often think about these things.
I usually go blithely along
From one reel to the next
Just lettin’ the script unfold,
Then it’s curtain time in the old theater.

This all got me to thinkin’, though.
This whole thing has got me to thinkin’,
Wonderin’ if that next reel
Will always be there tomorrow.
Wonderin’ if I can be so sure
About what comes after that next curtain.

                                                                   ~ CK


* For an introduction to the drama monologue, see yesterday's post

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  1. "You don't know what you've got til it's gone" from the ruler of the roost! Quite a perspective, Mr. Charlie, I say, I say, the ruler of the roost!


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