Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ancient Oak

Looking out the window
From a cluttered second floor office
His eye caught an ancient oak
With great spreading limbs
Down on the town square.
He closed his eyes briefly
And took a deep breath.

“Hey Mamma! Look at me!” the boy shouted.
“Look at you? Look at you where?”
“Way up here,” he shook the branch of the live oak tree
Where he sat perched on a limb
Feeling on top of the world.

He is not on top of the world
As he ponders the task ahead,
But the tree calls from the courtyard
Down on the town square
With hope in its branches.

                        ~ CK

Photo by Teo Caramel (Getty Images)


*For notes on The Greater Romantic Lyric, see yesterday's post.

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