Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"Till We Have Faces" An Artist's View

This fall, from October 14 to December 12, my daughter Elaine had a solo art show at The Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham, Alabama. The theme of her show was taken from C.S. Lewis' remarkable book, Till We Have Faces: A Myth Retold. Elaine stated that if you know the book, you will get the art. Like any true artist, that is all the explanation we will get from her. It gives us a framework while allowing for our own intuitions/interpretations/gut responses.

If you know Lewis' book, you know that it is unlike anything else he wrote, and it touches depths of perception and lived experience that one may go through life without fully knowing. Lewis takes the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche and demonstrates to us in story how we can think we see the world as it is, only to have it upended and new insights revealed (if we are lucky). Do we understand what we see? Do we know another's motives? Do we know our own motives? How do the shadows play in our lives? What is true and enduring in our lives and relationships?

If you have not read Till We Have Faces, put it on your "must read" list. For a quick insight into what C.S. Lewis was getting at in the novel, read his poem, "As the Ruin Falls."

Till We Have Faces

Resident Artist at Ground Floor Contemporary, ASFA alumna, and Cranbrook Academy of Art graduate, Elaine Kinnaird presents 
textural interpretations and expressions in her exhibition, 
"Till We Have Faces."

Some Gallery Shots

Individual Exhibits

Ghost Net"

Detail from "Ghost Net"


"Empty Space"

Detail from "Empty Space"

"Do We Touch?"

Detail from "Do We Touch?"

"Shadow Painting"

"Veil Triptych"

Detail from "Veil Triptych"
Detail from "Veil Triptych"

"Memory Bundle"

"Time Bundle"

The artist posing inside "Empty Space"

For more detailed information from this exhibit and for other works and exhibits by Elaine Kinnaird, visit her website at



  1. Charlie, What a beautiful and talented daughter!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL......I've watched your grow up through your Dad's conversation....I think you are a wonderful young lady....Stay strong and continue on your positive path...D.Mcfarland

  3. Knowing not the book referenced, I sure like the work; particularly "Shadow Painting" and "Veil Triptych" caught my attention.


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