Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Artsongs: Small Cowper Madonna (Raphael)


Mother of God, Mother of Earth

How bright the world he came into –
No darkened plain of woe.
Her grace of form and steadfast love
Transformed the path of God.

The skies are clear, the hills are green
And all the world is calm,
For in this moment one can see
The realm of the divine.

Still, kings and princes in their haste
To bring the Kingdom in,
Led massive armies take the field
To guard their bleak frontier.

If only we could rest within
The dawn of all our joy;
To see the grace of God anew
In every earthly form.

God’s kingdom, scattered all across
The earth, is near at hand.
Made clear in mother’s living form,
It breathes from age to age.

                                                ~ CK

Image: Small Cowper Madonna at the National Gallery of Art
Artist: Raphael
Medium: Oil on Panel

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