Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Empty Podium

Photo posted by Jim Acosta on Twitter

Last night the first Democratic debate for the 2016 presidential campaign took place. It was hosted by CNN which had touted having a 6th podium ready to be put in place in case Vice President Joe Biden decided to enter the race.

Of course, Joe Biden was not there but the good news was that the candidates discussed important issues, conducted themselves well, and basically behaved like adults which was a refreshing change in the world of televised political theater.  

I still like the idea of an empty podium, however, except I don't think it should be kept off in the wings on hand trucks ready to be rolled into place. I think it should be out on stage at every presidential debate, Democratic or Republican. I am thinking of something like the empty place setting at every Seder service in case Elijah should happen to show up.  I am thinking that every presidential debate should hold out hope, not for Joe Biden necessarily, but hope that one day an actual statesman might decide to run for public office.

The Republicans would do well to have an empty podium in case someone with true statesman-like qualities -- like John Huntsman, for example -- should offer his services to the nation.

I am hereby appealing to the nation to hold out hope. Let an empty podium at every political debate be the sign. Let us hold out that sign of hope that our Elijah, our true statesman, our fulfillment of competent political endeavor, may one day be seen in this great land of ours.


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