Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Art Is Helping to Revitalize Birmingham

There is an art happening in East Lake this month. East Lake Artist Village is a month long Dance and Visual Art Festival from Oct 5-31st 2015 on the 7600 block of 1st Ave N Birmingham, AL. All events free!

At the East Lake Performing Arts Center is an Art Gallery installation by a number of local artist, including my daughter, Elaine Kinnaird. The art show will be from October 5-31.

East Lake Performing Arts Center is located on the 7600 block on 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, Alabama

"Hive" by Elaine Kinnaird (made of  spray insulation
foam and some 3200 tea bags)
"Tea Bags" by Elaine Kinnaird

(For more examples of Elaine Kinnaird's art, including "Moth Love," and "Monoliths" visit http://efkinnaird.wix.com/elainefarleykinnaird

The East Lake Performing Arts Studio has taken the space that was once a porn theater, the "Cinema Blue Theater," thus removing some blight from East Lake and replacing it with artistic endeavor.

Before Revitalization

East Lake Performing Arts Center today

The events are the result of a partnership between REV Birmingham and the Alabama Dance Council. REV Birmingham "revitalizes places and energizes business to create vibrancy in the City of Birmingham." The Alabama Dance Council "is a statewide, nonprofit service organization for the Alabama dance community. The ADC's mission is to promote the study, creation, performance and enjoyment of dance in all forms."

Be sure to come to the East Lake Community this month to see the things that are happening at  East Lake Artist Village.


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