Wednesday, September 30, 2015

What Virgil Said

What Virgil Said in that Dream You Almost Remembered

Tell it –
Because no one heard it quite the way you did.

Describe it –
Because no one saw it quite the way you did.

Every soul bears its own unique witness;
Every eye carries its own vision of the world.

Tell your story
Because it is one part
Of the grand story of the universe.
Only when we have heard everyone’s story
Will we see the beauty
Of the whole.

Until then,
We make our way in a fractured world
Seeing only in part –
Waiting for the next piece
To fall into place.

So sit here now.
Move with the ocean
Breathe with the wind
And tell us what you saw
On your way over.

                                                        ~ CK

Image: Water color by William Blake. "In Purgatory, Dante and Statius sleeping while Virgil keeps watch" from Illustrations to Dante's Divine Comedy


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