Wednesday, September 2, 2015

East Lake Park

East Lake Park

Egrets gather on the island
In the middle of the lake
Where ducks swim
Near the shore.

The path that circumnavigates the lake
Holds the last of the morning dew
As the sun makes its way
Across a blue sky
And the mighty oaks guard the perimeter.

Joggers run past
As I stop along the boardwalk.
Children are running
Trying to get their kite aloft
While an old man sits at the shore
And casts a line
From his rod and reel.

We all gather at the water’s edge
Like the ancient villagers
Of story and song
Who came to the waters each day
To fill their urns,
To tell their tales,
And to greet the day.
We are people who ebb and flow
Like the waters we visit.

Look upon this gathering, bright sun,
And see the wonders of life.
The young and the old find joy,
The birds find sustenance,
All centered around the waters of life.

                                                          ~ CK

Photo from trekbirmingham: Lake side walking path at East Lake Park


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