Wednesday, July 16, 2014

New Poem on Limitations


                Word Limit

Words are to poetry as
Piano keys are       
To music.
They lie inert
With symphonic potential
While the music flows beneath
The surface.
When summoned, the keys
Are like a shadow
Or an echo
That inadequately conveys the
Yet beauty still emerges from
A limitation of eighty-eight
Black and white keys.

So press your words lightly –
Or pound if you must –
When poetry breaks through.
Those black and white limitations
Of form
May falter and fail,
Yet Beauty still arises
From what can only be
Seen as a poverty of words
When measured against the
Expansive symphony of being
That thunders
Beneath the surface.

                                ~ CK

Photo by  Evette from Phoenix, AZ
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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