Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Music: P.D.Q. Bach: Black Forest Bluegrass

Peter Schickele composed and recorded a number of humorous musical pieces under the name of a fictitious unknown son of J.S. Bach. One of the most hilarious is the introduction to "Cantata Blaues Gras" (Bluegrass Cantata). You can scroll down to read the translation from "the original German" (though the humor is more in the music than in the lyrics). If you like, you can read a brief Wikipedia article about P.D.Q Bach here.

                                     Translation of the intro to "Cantata Blaues gras"*
                                                     Blue grass, shining on me;
Nothing but blue grass do I see.
Blue grass—I say blue grass and green sky—that’s right;
Tell me, where the hell am I?
Tell me please, please tell me.
Shave and a haircut, two please.

*From the Peter Schickele/ PDQ Bach Website found at )


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