Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Poetry that is in the Moment

Celebrating National Poetry Month

This weekend (April 26 & 27) in Linn Park is the 30th annual Magic City Art Connection. Part of that event is the Imagination Festival which is a workshop in the park featuring a multitude of opportunities for children to get involved in artistic expression. It is an exciting event that offers things for the whole family. In thinking of this annual event, I am reminded of a past festival which makes for a good story for National Poetry Month.

Many years ago on one of our visits to the festival, I roamed about the booths and displays while my wife was occupied in one of the venues and our daughter was taking part in art workshops. One of the evolving displays at the festival was being done by a young high school teacher. He had hundreds of little slips of paper and was asking passersby to stop and write a short poem. The poems were being collected and pinned to a long cord that was strung along the walkway in the park. I stopped to write a poem for the young man’s project. I sat for a moment, taking in all my surroundings and then composed a brief poem to describe what I was seeing. When I was finished, I handed my poem to the man who pinned it to the line where is became a flag flying in the breeze along with many other poetry flags fluttering in the air.

It was a poem along with many others, born in the moment and reflecting the moment. It flew for a moment on display in the park that day. When I got home, I jotted it down again so I would remember the moment.

In the Park

Sitting on the roots
   of an old oak tree
In the park;
Watching children
Dance and pop bubbles
Being blown by a clown –
This is the reason
For civilization.

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