Friday, March 22, 2013

Thailand by Rail

On March 8, I posted an old poem that I came across recently called "Sacredness." I have always liked that poem and I remember when I wrote it down in my notebook. It was while riding the train from Bangkok to Singapore. Thinking of that poem and the trip during which it was written prompted me to go back through my photo albums. Hence this photographic essay, "Thailand by Rail" and the one that will follow, "Malaysia by Rail." These are photos I shot from the train while en route to Singapore in the summer of 1982.

First I'll begin with a few shots taken in Bangkok in the days prior to boarding the train.

One of the major temple complexes in Bangkok

A young monk climbs the stairs going up to the temple

         Shanties along the river in Bangkok

          The busy street markets
Inside the train station in Bangkok

There were many rice patties along the way

                Rural farm houses

I caught site of these rural temple amidst the lush foliage -- reminded me of the gospel song "Church in the Wildwood"

       More village settings

The journey continues with Malaysia by Rail>

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