Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Music: Pete Seeger/ Wimoweh

"Wimoweh," originally known as "Mbube" was first recorded in South Africa by Solomon Popoli Linda. Pete Seeger's folk group "The Weavers" had a chart-topping hit when they recorded it in 1952. I was privileged to hear Pete Seeger perform this number when he did a benefit concert at Sloss Furnace in Birmingham back in 1985. Pete would have been around 66 years old at the time and he was still hitting those high notes! Here he is with Arlo Guthrie at Wolf Trap and this time his grandson, Tao Rodriguez, is hitting the high notes.


  1. Thanks Charles. I was looking for something about when the Pete Seeger Concert was in Bham. I thought it was in solidarity with Johnny Harris, but I see it was apartheid. And I thought it was earlier. 1985 thanks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Peggy. I'm actually a little fuzzy on what the benefit was for all these years later. I recounted this night again in my blog tribute to Pete after his death at At the time, I tried to research the event myself, but found nothing online. My only source is my memory of a really wonderful night.


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