Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Music: Moon River

With the news of the death of Andy Williams last week, there was an immediate outpouring of warm memories and heartfelt loss. Many have described his vocal gifts in superlative terms and commented on his comfortable laid back style. His Christmas recordings continue to set the holiday mood for many each year. I recall watching his TV program as a youngster of about 12 or 14 years of age.I remember he had a crooner version of the Beatles' "Hey Jude." I liked his style and his voice, but what I remember most is that he made me look forward to college. I would see college kids in his audience and I thought they were so cool and "together" that I would think, "Man, it will be great to go to college." (Of course, I did make it to college -- it wasn't quite an Andy Williams TV special, but it was great to be there learning in a liberal arts setting)

He had many memorable hits, none more memorable than "Moon River."

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