Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Sweetheart Gardener

For Mother's Day, I was able to find a potting bench, which my wife had been wanting for some time. It was one of those "assembly required" deals, so we managed to get it put together. It is quite solid and sturdy, made of teak. My wife wanted to paint it blue, but I wasn't so sure about that. As you can see, however, it turned out beautifully! We made a spot for it in our back yard and she has already put it to use.

My wife has a green thumb, a love for plants and an eye for beauty. She makes our yard more beautiful both by her presence and by her horticultural skills. Seeing the beauty of our yard reminded me of a couple of poems that my wife's gardening inspired in years past. 

The first is one I wrote after a weekend of planting and I was admiring the view and feeling glad. The second poem came after having enjoyed the orange marigolds that my wife had planted in two large planters that graced our front entrance way. I don't have any orange marigolds to show you this year, but I have included some of her current beautiful arrangements. 

To My Sweetheart Gardener

Carefully nestling petunias and lilies
In gathered mounds of earth,
She cradles beauty for the eye,
Sustenance for the hummingbird,
And joy for the heart.



I’m glad she planted orange marigolds
That first made blooms in early days of Spring.
They made a joyful cottage entrance way
And called the heart to sing a quiet prayer.

I’m glad she brought her honesty along
When we first walked along a single path.
Such truthfulness has always opened up
New venues for the living, dancing soul.

And with such vision comes her caring heart
That makes a way for children, plants, and beasts.
As all within the circle live and move
To speak a blessing to the passing day.

I’m glad she planted orange marigolds
That first made blooms in early days of Spring.
Now, in the cool short days of Autumn, still
They bring delight and peace to heart and mind.


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