Friday, May 25, 2012

Bob Dylan Interview: In Australia with George Negus (1986)

I found this George Negus interview of Bob Dylan online. It took place as the singer was kicking off his 1986 Australia/New Zealand tour. I found this interview to be very interesting. The folks in the United Kingdom have had a great appreciation for Dylan from the beginning. Perhaps it is that fascination that brings such energy to this interview. Negus questions the songwriter about his religious phase and Dylan replies that maybe he wrote those songs because they were what people were needing to hear, that perhaps he was tapping into that collective longing. I do think that part of what makes poetry and art speak so deeply to people is artist's ability to tap into that collective unconscious. Perhaps it was that poetic sensitivity to "tap in"   to that collective energy and awareness that has made Dylan so appealing through the years and which caused him to be dubbed "the voice of a generation" back in the 1960s.

So today, the day after Bob Dylan's 71st birthday, enjoy this interview from 1986.

Bob Dylan - George Negus Interview, 1986 by tedhamporterhouse

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