Saturday, May 21, 2011

Countdown to Bob Dylan's Birthday: "The way he sang made everything seem like a message"

Mick Brown of The Daily Telegraph (Australia) writes about Dylan’s long career and “recalls the day he met the singer in an unexpectedly candid mood.”

 “Of all the several hundred songs that Bob Dylan has recorded over the past 50 years there is one which I have found myself playing a lot lately. A relic from Dylan’s distant past, it seems somehow to be a song that vividly prefigured his future.

'I Was Young When I Left Home' was recorded in December 1961, one of two dozen that Dylan recorded in the apartment of a girlfriend, Bonnie Beecher, when he was returning home to Minnesota after his first year in New York.”...

Read The Daily Telegraph article here (and you can also hear a snippet from the 1984 interview).

* * * *

Also from The Daily Telegraph, a brief article by Tim Martin "examines the enduring appeal of the legendary rock star" in light of his upcoming 70th birthday by briefly reviewing several books written about the musician. You can read "Bob Dylan's 70th Birthday" here.


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