Saturday, May 21, 2011

Countdown to Bob Dylan’s Birthday: So Many Songs – Innumerable Covers

According to some on the web, Bob Dylan has written 458 songs (and that seems to have been a tally as of 2009). Wikipedia  has a List of artists who have covered Bob Dylan songs arranged in alphabetical order. How many are listed? I stopped counting when I reached 100 and I was still in the middle of the C’s.

Josh Jackson has his 50 Best Bob Dylan Covers of All Time on PASTE (it's actually 100 because for each favorite he lists an alternate cover that he also likes - and he includes videos).
What Dylan songs would make your list of favorites? What artists offer your favorite renditions of Dylan songs? If you look on the "Playlist" page of this blog you'll see some of my favorite Dylan tunes and covers.


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