Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2016 – What was I thinking?!

I took a look back over my blog activity for the past year. On occasion, I have done year-end reviews by posting the top ten posts over the previous 12 months. This time I decided to look at each month and list the most popular post for that month. 

Here are the top posts for each month:

January – Where Grace Abounds - A reflection of my visit to Grace Episcopal Church in the Woodlawn area of downtown Birmingham, "Where Street and Altar Meet."

February – Living Beyond Cupid’s Arrow - A Valentine's Day posting about love, limerence, and human bonding.

March – Spirituality is Relational - A look back over one roller coaster of a week.

April – She Sat in Autumn - One of my favorite poems. A reflective memory of my grandmother.

May – Revisiting Our Town (a Mother’s Day Memory) - A Mother's Day post that is both a childhood memory and a reflection of Thornton Wilder's play.

June – Southern Nights and Stereotypes - A re-post which is both a childhood memory and a look at Rick Bragg's book, All Over but the Shoutin'.

July – Brave New World … At Breakfast - Another re-post. This one looking at how our work practices and on-the-go lifestyles may be diminishing our sense of community.

August – Saturday Haiku: Foggy Morning - One of my weekly haiku which got more views than anything else in August.

September – Two Poems for 9/11 - I shared one original poem and one by Adam Zagajewski, each written to commemorate the 9/11 attack on New York's Twin Towers.

October – The Return of Ol’ Possum - One of my "urban wildlife" experiences.

November – Do Not Grow Weary with Well Doing - My response to the Presidential election results.

December – Saturday Haiku: December - Another of my weekly haiku that received many views.

In 2016, I also had two projects that were done in a series of posts. One was an eight-part series done through the month of March featuring reviews of books by people I know. The other was my own creative expressions of poetry written in response to works by master artists. You can find link to each series in the titles below:

Artsongs Series: Poetry Inspired by Great Works of Art

Thank you to all who have visited my blog. I hope that you will keep visiting in the year ahead.


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