Thursday, January 26, 2017


I happened last Friday this blogsite reached another milestone: 200,000 pageviews (we're at 201,775 as of today). It was back in December of 2014 that we reached 100,000 pageviews. As I said back then, I don’t know if this many views is good, bad, or average, but the views are picking up since in two years there were as many pageviews as the previous four years.

When I did a post celebrating that first 100,000 mark, I listed the top 20 most popular posts up to that point. Today I decided to pick 15 of my favorite posts. There is some overlap from that first list two years ago. To see more listings of my favorite essays, click on the “Essays” tab at the top of the page. There is also a “Poetry” tab and a “Haiku” tab where some of my poetry posts can be seen.

I wish to thank all who follow this blog, all who have left comments, and all who stop by to read my posts from time to time.  Here is the list of some of my favorite posts:


Photos: Two views of Turkey Creek at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve
Credit: Charles Kinnaird


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