Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday Haiku: Nightscape

near the ocean’s shore
a midsummer tidal pool
large as the night sky

Image: "Jupiter" (Chadds Ford Gallery)
Artist: Andrew Wyeth
Medium: Giclee (pigmented ink on paper)



  1. An exquisite backdrop for a haiku, Charles. Somehow it begs for an even more astonishing comparison between that pool and the night sky. While the size of the night sky pictured in the smallest of poetic forms is quite wonderful in contrast, what would a point of comparison besides size (large) look like? Another haiku for you?? : )

    1. You have a point there, Kathleen. I think that Wyeth does in this painting what the poet hopes to do: reveal something far greater than the poem itself (indeed, is this not what all art is about?). I remember when I was in college studying Lit, it occurred to me that one reason I liked Emily Dickinson was that her poems, while very short, gave me a quite expansive feeling. I was beginning to learn something about the nature of poetry by way of experience.


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