Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Music: Rabindra Sangeet

Rabindranath Tagora
Portrait by Walther Illner
courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Last summer I attended a presentation about Rabindranath Tagora at the Birmingham Museum of Art. I had read some of Tagora’s poetry, but was unaware of his vast contributions in other areas and had not heard his music until that day. His musical compositions, some 2,000 songs compiled in the Rabindra Sangeet have influenced Indian classical music and have been used in many films.

Two of the genres of Tagora’s music were puja porjai (prayer songs) and prem porjai (love songs). I have included one example of each in today’s Monday Music feature.  I have found an English translation to the puja porjai (a  prayer song)  Anando Dhara Bohichhe Bhubone  (Joy and Bliss Flows through the Universe).  For the second selection, all I can surmise is that this is one of the love songs from the Rabindra Sangeet, but I have not been able to find a translation. Both songs are beautiful to listen to.

Anando Dhara Bohichhe Bhubone 
Dino Rojoni Koto Amrito Rosho
Utholi Jai Ananto Gogone
Anando Dhara Bohichhe Bhubone
(Joy and bliss flows through the universe
Day and night so much ambrosia of life overflows
Through endless skies.
Joy and bliss flows through the universe)

Pano Kore Robi Shashi Anjali Bhoriya
Shoda Dipto Rohe Akhhoyo Jyoti
Nittya Purno Dhora Jibone Kirone
Anando Dhara Bohichhe Bhubone
(Sun and moon drink in this divine offering it
And stays glowing forever their eternal light
Everyday the earth is replete with the light of life.
Joy and bliss flow through the universe)

Bosiya Accho Keno Apono Mone
Shartho Nimogono Ki Kaarone
Chari Dike Dekho Chahi Hridoyo Proshari
Khudro Dukkho Shobo Tuchho Mani
Prem Bhoria Loho Shunno Jibone
Anando Dhara Bohichhe Bhubone
(Why are you sitting all on your own?
Preoccupied within yourself for what reason?
Look all around with an open heart.
Brush away your little sorrows
Fill your empty life with love
Joy and bliss flow through the universe)

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