Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Crossing the Threshold

I am thinking of a time in my life when I crossed a threshold. It marked a new day and my life was not quite the same afterwards. Reading the poem, “Threshold,” by Robert Morneau, which came to my email box by way of Inward/Outward took my mind back to those days in which my life took on a new direction. My original intent was to write about that time and to discuss my gratitude for being able to cross over into a broad place. Life unfolded in a wonderful way as a result of my crossing of that threshold.

However, it is my assumption that anyone reading this post has had his or her own experience of crossing the threshold into a new day. Instead of hearing my story, think instead of your story. When was it that you crossed over to a new day? What were the circumstances that led to your crossing of that invisible line, “that threshold into a new horizon  that forever changed your destiny?” Take some time to remember your own story. Feel free to share it in the comments below – I would love to hear your story – or just treasure the thoughts within your own heart. However you choose to do it, let this be a time of remembrance and gratitude. Listen to Robert Morneau’s words below and rejoice in that day that was and which also is to come.


An invisible line surrounds us.
Though unseen it’s as real
as one that is drawn in the sand.
Cross it,
and we are in a new realm
entanglement in a love affair,
blessedness of God’s life and grace.

Mary crossed the threshold with her “fiat,”
Abelard and Heloise in their embrace,
the founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence.

Each of us decides—perhaps each day—
to cross or remain behind that invisible line,
that threshold into a new horizon
that forever changes our destiny.

                                                ~ Robert Morneau
(From The Color of Gratitude and Other Spiritual Surprises)


Photo: A New Day Begins
Credit: Nigel Howe
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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