Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bearing Witness to the Times: Sanctuary Cities

San Francisco is one of several sanctuary cities    (Photo by Kaddi Sudhi)
(Headline from Reuters)

Sanctuary Cities

Across the country
Cities rise –
Reaching for humanity,
Calling upon our higher nature.

While often seen
As places of danger –
Cruel life on the streets
And hideouts for our greatest evil 
Cities also gather our greatest good,
Presenting skills of workers
Talents of artists
And dreams of seekers.

While a nation constricts,
Guarding its borders
And hoarding its treasure,
Some cities rise in freedom.

Some cities proclaim our best,
Welcoming the stranger
And speaking to the hopes of our ancestors.

Defying bitter politics of fear,
Sanctuary cities offer shelter
And refuge
To all who have heard the call
Of Lady Liberty
In New York Harbor.

While politicians cry
“We are a nation of laws,”
Our conscience cries,
“We are a nation of immigrants.”

It is to the city that we come.
We come to find ourselves,
We come to find America.

                                                           ~ CK

*    *    *

Photo by Mike Blake (Reuters)


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