Thursday, July 7, 2016

Robert's Cancer Treatment

My brother-in-law is to undergo surgery for prostate cancer. He is opting for a less expensive, non-invasive treatment that unfortunately is not covered by his insurance plan.

In his words, "In 2010 a doctor discovered a small spot after a routine checkup. It was positively diagnosed as prostate cancer. I have struggled with doctors since, they want to perform a quick fix, to cut, burn and poison my body to eliminate the problem- but I did my research. I followed the newest techniques from Europe and outlying countries and waited for these procedures to come to America. It has finally come to the point where I can’t put off more aggressive treatment any longer.

"There is a new repair and rehab procedure that is non- invasive and requires less recovery time and costs ¼ the amount of its’ predecessors but for some reason is not currently covered by my insurance. They classify it as experimental, even though it’s been FDA approved. The cost for the procedure is $25,000 not including travel and lodging. The procedure will be performed 12 hours away in Sarasota FL and require a 2 night stay there. I will have 2 weeks of hard recovery and then another 2 weeks before I will be allowed to return to work."

You can read his story and catch a glimpse of his remarkable life by checking out his website at There at his Go Fund Me site you can also find out how to help out.


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