Friday, June 10, 2016

Interfaith Sharing During Ramadan

In thinking of our Muslim brothers and sisters during this month of Ramadan, I am sharing the meditative Azan, (Call to Prayer) below. Also the Birmingham Islamic Society, as it does each year, is inviting the community to share an iftar meal. There is information at their website. Here is an excerpt from their invitation letter (also found on their website):

"We would very much appreciate the opportunity to host you, your family and friends, or your
organization or group on a weekday or a weekend evening between the dates of June 7 and July
4, 2015. We warmly welcome you to observe our evening prayer at sunset. Dinner will follow
with a brief presentation on Islam and a question/answer session. The program usually runs
about 2 hours in total, depending on the visiting group and their questions."


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