Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Eleventh Station of the Cross: Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

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Jesus' hands and feet are nailed to the cross

"St Louis Unites: A Dream of Freedom Songs"  Photo collage by Basil Kincaid

Do police serve the community, or do they serve Empire? One quick way to discern that question is whether they promote life or threaten with death. If they promote life, then they serve the community. We understand the chill behind the term "police state." It is the chill of death.

In our own day, we are hearing even our religious leaders advise blacks and Latinos to avoid being shot by the police by simply obeying and doing what they say. Scripture texts are even cited to justify such fearful and numbing obedience.

Ironically, it was Empire's emphasis upon order and obedience that resulted in Jesus' crucifixion. The order and safety of Empire is appealing, but when we choose Empire just to stay alive, we must then endure a thousand small deaths throughout our days.


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