Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Music: Jesus is Just Alright

If you're like me, and if you were coming of age in the '70s, your first hearing of this song was probably the one recorded by The Doobie Brothers in 1972. That version was a chart topper. The Doobie brothers were not the first to record it, however. The Byrds covered it on their 1969 album, The Ballad of Easy Rider but the song was written by Art Reynolds and first recorded by the Art Reynolds Singers in 1966 on their debut album, Tellin' It Like It Is. Art Reynolds was choir director at St. Vestal C.M.E. Church and the Art Reynolds Singers were five of his best singers from that choir. In more recent times, the song has been covered by contemporary Christian music groups, Stryper, and D.C. Talk. In 2006, Robert Randolph and the Family Band coverd the song on their album, Colorblind. On that version, Eric Clapton helps out with some amazing guitar work.

This recording also gives something you just don't often hear these days: the soothing pops and and crackles of the needle traversing the groove of the vinyl.

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