Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday Haiku: Vernal Offering

My post about writing haiku has become one of my most visited sites, so now I am considering doing more with the genre myself. Today I decided to take an old poem and recast it as a haiku. Here is original poem followed by the haiku:

Vernal Offering

The air is damp from Spring rain
As the cat crouches low
And moves parallel to the ground
Like anxious and hesitant quicksilver.
Eyes are fixed upon a squirrel
Who ambles about
In the yard
Like a self-contained wisp of grey smoke.
Quicksilver is focused and intent,
Grey Smoke is unconsciously playful.
With no apparent knowledge of danger
Grey Smoke spirals up a telephone pole,
Across a wire and into a tree.
There will be no bloodshed today.


               *    *    *

Cloudy skies in Spring
     Hover while cat stalks squirrel.
     Freedom found in trees.



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