Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Music: Wide Awake

Earlier this month I was on a road trip with my daughter. Listening to her choices of radio stations, I had the opportunity or hear what young people are listening to these days. I was surprised to find that much of it was similar to the Top 40 hits from my day (in other words, I could actually listen and enjoy it). One of the hits being broadcast was "Wide Awake," by Kathy Perry. I like the declaration of being awake. As the Buddha and other spiritual leaders have tried to tell us, many of us have yet to awaken.

The song tells of being jolted awake by a dose of reality: "falling from cloud 9," and "everything you see ain't always what it seems." I had a professor once who said that sometimes he would hear people lament that they were disillusioned. His comment to the class was, "If it was an illusion to begin with, is it such a bad thing to be disillusioned?"

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