Thursday, July 28, 2011

Any Tree That Falls: why creative people must create

Any Tree That Falls

There’s that old Zen riddle that we’ve all heard
“If a tree falls in the forest,
                and no one is there to hear,
            Does it make a sound?”
            I only lately came to some understanding.

            There is a writer’s workshop
            (it happens somewhere on any given weekend)
            Led by some accomplished poets and novelists.
            All in attendance are writers
            Most have never been published
            Most are unknown
            Except to a small circle of friends.
            Any published writer
            Evokes both admiration and envy
            From the many poets and writers
            Who create without recognition.

            In every city
            In every town
            People gather to make music.
            They sing
            They play their instruments
            In living rooms
            In church basements
            In garages.

            By the way,
            The answer to that riddle is “Yes!”
            The answer is always yes.
            Wherever there is life,
            The answer is yes.
            Any expression of art
            Says yes.
            Your contribution is important
            Your voice is heard.

            Your words are significant.
            For every poet, we say yes.
            For every singer, we say yes.
            For every dancer, every artist,
               every musician, we say yes.
            Even if there is no book,
               no recording contract,
               no public recognition,
            We say yes.

For every tree in the forest,
            Every movement,
            Every rustle,
            As long as there is life,
            We say yes.

            Whether you sing in the shower
            Or at the New York Met,
            The answer is yes.

            Whether you write for The New York Times
            For Harper and Row
            For your family
            Or just for yourself,
            The answer is yes.

            Whether you dance for the Bolshoi
            Or to the radio in your living room,
            Your movement
            Your celebration
            Your voice
            Your words make a difference
            And the answer is always yes.

            Charles Kinnaird


  1. Thank you for this!

    1. Your're welcome! And thank you for stopping by to comment.

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