Friday, April 9, 2010

Meet Me in that City


Urban Crows

Crows stayed hidden
When I was young
Growing up in the country.
I heard about crows
But I seldom saw them.
I heard about how intelligent they are
And about their raiding of corn fields.
Sometimes I heard their caw
But I seldom saw them.

In the summer
We had a vegetable garden,
But never crows.
Our corn was left intact
Except for the occasional worm.

As an adult
I moved to the city.
Living in an old suburb
On the edge of the business district
I now see crows every day.
They circle and gather
And call to one another.
I am amazed that they have come to town.

Those street-wise birds have seized the day.
They probably gather in oak trees at night
Telling stories of the old days
When their ancestors raided corn fields;
Telling their children of a time
When things were simple
And uncomplicated;
Telling of their old, lean,
Hard-bitten forebears
Who survived on maize
Never imagining
The abundance of urban road kill
And garbage pails
That line the easily navigated
And well protected streets of the city
Where shotguns
Never shatter the day.


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