Friday, April 21, 2017

Incidental poetry

April is National Poetry Month, and writers are always interested in finding writing prompts to stimulate their craft. Here is a bit of "incidental poetry" in which I took a Facebook status from a friend, "What could possibly be more sad than an empty teacup," as an immediate prompt:

An Empty Teacup

What could possibly be more sad than an empty teacup?

Ah, but an empty teacup is full of promise!
What will it yet hold?
Earl Grey?  

And this cup could welcome a guest –
a traveler,
a special friend,
an aunt or grandma.
It may allow that visitor to sit at your table
and bless your house.
There is an old man yet to visit, with a staff and a cape –  
Except for the briar pipe in his mouth you might mistake him for Elijah,
But the empty cup may beckon that moment.

Oh, the possibilities of an empty teacup!

*    *    *

Be on the lookout for writing prompts this month during the course of your ordinary day.


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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