Friday, November 13, 2015

The World's Most Enlightening Region

What role does conscience play in human choices? 
Is religion or spirituality relevant in our times?
Is religion compatible with science? Is it useful for psychological health?

Dr. N. S. Xavier explores these questions as he takes us on an amazing journey to a remarkable region in India. The Kerala region in India is the great exception to the violence and cultural clashes that have occurred in India and throughout the world. In this ancient region, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jews have lived together peacefully, even sharing in some of their celebrations.

Dr. Xavier, who is from India, gives us a fascinating look at the history of the region, explores the dynamics of the different faiths that are established in Kerala, and examines healthy religion vs. unhealthy religion. He gives some ideas about healthy religion by enumerating the things that conscience promotes:
  • Faith without fanaticism
  • Discipline without rigidity
  • Pleasure without addiction
  • Power without abusive force
  • Self-esteem without false pride
  • Individuality without self-centeredness
  • Loving relationships without selfishness or hate
  • Loyalty to one's group without unfairness to other groups
  • Integration of the past without impediment to the present
  • Future direction without loss of balance
  • Good judgment without prejudice
  • Deep morality without superficial moralism

The film debuted at the Parliament of the World's Religions last month in Salt Lake City, and can now be seen in its entirety on YouTube and can be viewed below (about an hour long). Dr. Xavier's website and contact information is at  


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