Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Announcing a New Blog Site for Music

Back in September I decided to launch a new project that I am calling “The Music of the Spheres.” It is a new blog site for the sole purpose of presenting music. I do not anticipate that it will interfere with or take away from what I am doing at Not Dark Yet. As I mention on the new blog page: 

“On my other blog, Not Dark Yet, there is a "Monday Music" feature which each week offers a variety of music including pop, folk, jazz, rock, classical, and sacred. This site is dedicated to sacred music. The music will not be confined to any one faith. I look for music that speaks deeply to the soul.”

So far, I have featured music from Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Tibetan, and Jewish traditions. Some of the more frequently viewed sites so far:

If you are interested in music, or things that speak deeply to the soul, I hope you will pay the site a visit. It is at


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