Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice Reflection


Summer Storm

Sudden darkness at midday
Swiftly followed by thunder claps
     and sheets of rain.
Grateful trees bow their branches
Until their gratitude stretches
To the point of fear,
But trust remains
As water and wind become
     the only audible sounds.

Stillness comes as the sun breaks through.
Humidity ebbs and flows
     in invisible eddies and swirls.
A wasp circles a carefully offered blossom
While the mocking bird sings
     every song she knows.

Up on the wire,
A dove dries her rain drenched feathers,
Stretching out her wing
With the grace of a ballet dancer –
A grace not often seen in a dove –
A grace neither sought nor dwelt upon
As she whiffles through the air
On dry wings.
                                                     ~ CK


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