Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Music: Seven Bridges Road

I saw Steve Young in concert a few years ago at the Moonlight Music Cafe (which is now Moonlight on the Mountain). It was just Steve and his six-string acoustic guitar, and did he ever get some amazing sound from that guitar! One of the songs he sang was 'Seven Bridges Road' which he wrote and which was made popular by The Eagles. Steve told a story about one night when he was living in Montgomery, Alabama. He and some friends decided one night that they would make a pilgrimage to Hank Williams' grave, which is at Oakwood Cemetery there in Montgomery. Steve also talked about the actual road that was called Seven Bridges Road by the locals. It led out of town to an old dirt road where folks used to go to hang out. Apparently, it was the mystique of Hank Williams' resting place combined with the old Southern charm of country roads with oak trees and Spanish moss that inspired him to write the song.

Here is The Eagles version:

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