Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why Occupy Wall Street?

Is it about jobs? Is it about equity? Is it about distribution of wealth? I posted my musings about OWS on Sunday. We are now being flooded with news and information about Occupy Wall Street. These two things came my way that I find of interest. Tim Lennox posted the link to this article on his blog. The article, “Occupy Wall Street: More popular than you think” has an interesting chart showing how wealth is distributed, compared to how people think it is distributed vs. how most people would like it to be distributed across society. You can read the article here.

Darrell Grizzle, who blogs at Blog of the Grateful Bear, attended the Occupy Atlanta version of OWS. He has some interesting things to say in hie post titled, "On Occupying Wall Street and Taking Action Locally." You can read his post here.

And one of my friends posted this photo and caption on his Facebook page with the heading, “Why Occupy Wall Street?”:

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