Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Eyes of the Universe

Here is another poem about the cosmos. This one is from ten years ago:

The Universe was Never about Me
By Charles Kinnaird

Dealing with losses and misfortune
Sometimes brings one to ask,
“Why has this happened top me?”
There may be losses or tragedies
That cause one to lose faith,
To become despondent.

Stepping back
To try to get a wider view,
A more objective view,
I understand that the Universe was never about me.
I have been extremely privileged
To be able to participate in Life.
The world is fascinating,
The presence of life incredible,
And the universe is a wonder beyond comprehension.
It would all be happening without me,
Yet I have been able to see it
          to interact with it
          to be involved in it.
I am indeed privileged.
I understand that tragedy and loss are a part of it.
Stuff happens.
But the Universe was never about me.
My own losses are painful
     but they do not change my faith in what is happening.

It is understandable that we often
     see things on a grand scale.
That is because we see
     with the eyes of the universe.

In fact, we are the eyes of the universe.
Life evolved on this sacred planet
Until consciousness arose
    allowing Life to reflect upon itself
And we became the eyes of the universe.

If I am not mindful and circumspect,
I can easily get confused
    about my own self importance in life.
I can easily have mistaken ideas
    about my privilege in life.
Unless I realize that
The Universe was never about me.


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  1. Belief in all of creation is not a negative belief. It is just not a belief in the old God concept of the past that the Christian religion has not been willing to update to modern times and modern understandings. The Universe and all that is in it, including us, are the body of God in my new understanding. This makes the new understanding of the old God into something new and powerful. Something that is available to everyone. Something that you don't have to believe in, you just have to accept and use. I no longer believe in that old God concept, but I'm not an Atheist. I understand the Life Force of the Universe. I know that the same power that hung the stars in the sky made me out of star dust over time through the process of Evolution, and that this power is available to me at all times. My reward, salvation if you want, is now and I live to bring this understanding of salvation to everyone. –Jim High


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